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Illumination Incubator (China patented)

 Unique Advantage:
1.Built-in dew-resistant culture lights;
2.Vertical and hierarchical lighting;
3.Waterproof isolated electric motor;
4. Uniform layer temperature.

Type: ZGX-256D
Origin: Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co. Ltd, China
Effective Volume: 256L Temperature control range: 5 ~ 45℃
Temperature control accuracy: ± 1℃ Indoor Temperature variation: ≤±1℃
Accessory: manual rapid planting board (patented) Illumination: ≥2000Lux
Built-in dew-resistant cultural lights, vertical rays;
Can be layered lighting with high-efficiency;
Isolated fan motor;
Multi-layer weak wind cycle convection.

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Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co.Ltd
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