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Seed Purity Working Desk (China patented)

 Unique Advantage:
1. Magnifying light with big diameter;
2.Ultrathin transmissive lighting platform with uniform lighting;
3. Patented anti-glare transmissive observation platform.

Type: KRJ-1
Origin: Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co. Ltd, China
Plate surface dimensions: 130cm x 65cm Polarized light transmissive observation platform: Φ16 cm
Luminescent Range: 65cm x 45cm Accessory: manual counter; manual rapid planting board (patented)
Steel and wood structure, Physicochemical surface plate;
White-light illumination source in guide lighting plate style (thin, soft and uniform luminescence);
Polarized light anti-glare transmissive observation platform with adjustable lighting function through dark field transmission by motor power; (Optional type: Manual/Automatic)
Live-arm lighting magnifying glass with big diameter.
(Polarized light device can completely filter off the interference of background light to proceed meticulous testing observation on seeds, seedlings, plant leaves, colony and etc.; Available for rice quality analysis, and suitable for shooting high-quality photographs.)

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Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co.Ltd
Tel:0371-66231966 86135286 技術服務電話:0371-66265825 15538312283 FAx:0371-66265825 Mail:kr371@163.com
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