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Gel Image Analysis System (China patented)

 Unique Advantage:
1. Shoot and analyze DNA and protein electrophoresis images, colony images, dot blot images, autoradiography image; can identify and analyze various images of 8-bit, 16-bit to 48-bit; unique fluorescence excitation platform applied to a variety of non-EB dye imaging, such as: luciferase, GeneFinder, SYBR Green, GelStar. SYPRO Orange, green fluorescent protein (optional);
2. Integral shooting functions; Unique "one-button" optimized function can provide high-quality, high-definition images; Arbitrary photo rotation by moving mouse;
 3. Multiple functions, usage, and configuration with totally 10 models.

Type: ChampGel Series
Origin: Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co. Ltd, China
1. CCD, camera and various light switch operations can be controlled through Control Panel and clicking of mouse.
2. It can shoot and analyze DNA and protein electrophoresis images, colony images, dot blot images, Autoradiography image, can identify and analyze image of 8 bits, 16 bits to 48 bits with unique fluorescence excitation table applying to a variety of non-EB dye imaging, such as Luciferase, GeneFinder, SYBR Green, GelStar, SYPRO Orange, green fluorescent protein, etc.
3. Integral shooting functions; Unique "one-button" optimizing function can provide images with high quality, high-definition; unique point matrix rotation can carry out arbitrary photo rotation with mouse.
4. With size adjustment, taking color, pseudo-color, rotation, multiple language labeling, 3D image display, and other functions.
5. Automatic band identification, automatic peak curve generation. With up to five methods to remove background and deduct baseline; Automatic database Generation that can translate band isoelectric point, molecular weight, base right, the content of the band and its relative content, percentage, and density of the average light density; also can carry out AFLP analysis and "1、0" display; Software bringing their Lambda DNA / Hind III and other molecular weight standard database, and may add their own new standards to preserve data, also can output molecular weight partition function diagram; show directly the molecular weight and other data on the band or at the peak curve.
6. With the function of band density analysis, it can analyze data such as the density of the band, the average density, background values, strength, area, etc.
7. Colony analysis function can count the colony and calculate the area, perimeter, light density, the percentage of data, etc.
8. Dot blot analysis function can carry out calculation of spot density, the average density, background, the quality, and then generate intensity map.
9. Various databases can be kept in Excel format and be printed out, so images can be copied, pasted, printed to shear panel, then edited; Peak curve diagram can also be outputted and printed in the form of light density value.
10. Support multi-functional usage of a mouse button, roller etc.
11. Operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP.
12. Lifelong free software upgrading.

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