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Automatic Pulverizer for Single Seed (China patented)

Unique Advantage:
1. Photoelectric triggered, automatic smashing, automatic cleaning, no sample mixing, fast and easy operation.
2. Applicable to seed crushing with high-moisture and high oil.


Type: DL –3
Origin: Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co. Ltd, China
Smash speed: one sample per three second;
Rated power: 80 W;
Dimension: 360×260×190(mm);
Apply to fast smashing of single grain sample during seed testing, e.g.: Electrophoresis experiment and soft sample slicing without water loss;
Can crush single crop seed such as wheat, corn, rice, beans etc.;
Can be used for samples with high-moisture and high oil content;
Photoelectric triggered, automatic discharging, automatic self-cleaning, automatic motor protection, AFS tool.
Equipped with three different special cutters.

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Henan Kerui Hi-tech Co.Ltd
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